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Yumoto Onsen Hotel Chinsui

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An oldest hot spring inn in the whole Yumoto. We welcome you with Omotenashi(hospitality) of Kaiseki cuisine with fresh seafood from Japan sea, giant rock bath, garden bath, and the Japan best quality of koyamaki alkali simple hot spring in a wooden bathtub. Also, Nyoi-hoju located here is being said to make your dreams to become true by stroking it.

Basic Information

Location Fukawa Yumoto 2294-1, Nagato City, Yamaguchi Prefecture
Access (1) 0.6 km from JR Mine line Nagato-Yumoto Onsen station
(2) 0.2km from "Yumoto Onsen Iriguchi" bus stop
Office of Inquiry Nagato Yumoto Hot Spring Hotel pillow water TEL: 0837-25-3211